A mere two students registered for a SAIT Feng Shui seminar Nov. 12, forcing the recreation department to cancel the program for the second time in as many years.

“I am disappointed. I am not sure why it hasn’t picked up steam,” said SAIT recreation programmer TJ Babey.

Babey said the low interest could be due to a lack of student knowledge of what Feng Shui is about.

“It’s a different type of recreation class. It isn’t as mainstream as yoga or pilates,” he said. “It brings in a different aspect or dynamic to someone’s life that they may not realize is possible.”

“If students would give it a chance then maybe it would spark an interest.”

Sacred Lotus school of Feng Shui director Kelly Kaur described the Chinese practice as the harmonious relationship between a man or a woman and their environment.  She said it centres around the traditional belief that chi (energy) flows through, and all around, the human environment.

“Anything that obstructs the free and easy flow of chi in the environment or in one’s self causes negative effects,” she said.

Kaur, who was scheduled to host the seminar before it was canceled, listed a number of ways students could benefit from the teachings of Feng Shui if they were open to its unique teachings.

“Our spaces affect us in many ways, and if we can create harmonious spaces and environments, then we create powerful transformations in our lives,” said Kaur. “Students will be empowered when they see what role their environment plays in their success, how to make simple adjustments to their home and office environments to support and nourish their dreams, enhance relationships, attract opportunities and encourage better health.”

Despite the apparent indifference from the SAIT student body, Babey is still looking to open up a session for the winter semester. Those interested in signing up can visit Student Services on campus at MA 211 or register online at sait.ca/recreation.