Kelsey Morrison A.Crossett photo
By Séamus Smyth
Staff Writer

In Regina, Sask., it’s going to snow later this afternoon with an intense low pressure moving in from Alaska tomorrow that will likely drop the temperature to -13 degrees. At least that’s what Global Regina’s weather woman and SAIT graduate Kelsey Morrison told us when the Weal interviewed her last week.

Morrison, 24, took control over the Regina skies late last year after being offered the full-time position in December. This primetime move comes only months after graduating from SAIT. “It’s hard to believe that I have landed a career where it doesn’t feel like work; it is so rewarding,” said the former broadcasting student as she prepared for the nightly broadcast.

She says the weather portion of the news is actually one of the few aspects that’s not scripted, and that when the camera is pointed in her direction it’s a blend of improvisation, wit and a grasp of how heavy of a jacket one should be sporting the next time one ventures outdoors.

“It can be intimidating. It’s hard because you have to be engaging and still knowledgeable,” she said. Although Morrison admits she does catch the odd case of the nerves before a show, performing in front of others is a skill she’s been perfecting her entire life from dabbling in acting and the theatre before pursuing broadcasting.

What makes being a weather specialist ideal for her is that science has always been one of the more fascinating subjects she’s encountered. This fact, along with an acute curiosity about basically everything, is how she explained her rapid rise to a prominent position.

Upon graduation, she began an internship at Chat TV located in Medicine Hat. Morrison made a number of contacts who saw her potential, and assured her that a massive opportunity may be opening up soon. Sure enough, Global Regina came calling, in dire need of a temporary replacement. Yet, her tireless work ethic made her a staple rather than a temporary solution and she, in turn, embraced the gig because the weather section allowed her to show off her personality while still being informative.

A typical day at the office for the recently engaged, former-Calgarian begins at 2 p.m. She will shoot a quick weather promo, foreshadowing what one can expect for the prime-time broadcast. She will then begin analyzing weather patterns and constructing a diagram for her filmed presentation. Once she is content with her predictions, it’s time for her to sit in the makeup chair. Although many may assume that television personalities cake on the blush and cover up, Morrison said with the prevalence of high-definition television, makeup is kept to a minimum.

Once Morrison has her game face, she’s fitted with her ear piece on to ensure she can hear from the powers that be in Vancouver. Amazingly, the only visuals actually present on the set in Regina are the desks. Everything else is completely virtual, meaning that Morrison is actually performing her routine in front of a green screen.

She will appear twice on each broadcast, running at 6 p.m., 10 p.m. and 11 p.m., for two minutes and then an extended analysis for two minutes and forty five seconds.

Although Morrison is on cloud nine when describing her good fortune, she says it’s been hard to leave behind the city she grew up in, especially since she’s planning on walking down the aisle in the near future. “I left behind my family and my fiancée; planning a wedding is tough in a different city. I have learned quickly that you realize who is important to you and who supports you when you leave,” she said.

When asked about her experience at SAIT, she said it was more than just a program that helped her understand how to take her natural communication skills to a new level.

“I learned more about myself than I thought I would at SAIT. It taught me how to persevere. It was not just learning about academics; it actually made me a stronger person.”