By Séamus Smyth
Staff Writer
The SAIT workout facility is superb, said with a slow roll of the eyes. Sure, the lockers squeak with cries to be properly lubricated and they look like they were previously used as storage compartments in WWII but that’s no big deal. Just make sure you don’t attempt to use the facility anywhere between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. because the lineup is worse than the C-train’s during rush hour. Try to get your swell on either before 7 a.m. or sometime after 10 p.m.; that’s a reasonable request right?

Trust me, there is no better workout facility than the one SAIT provides. But if you want to work out your core or utilize the medicine balls provided, make sure you do so outside of the gym beside the vending machines because there is no way you will have enough space to properly operate otherwise. I know it would make sense to just proceed into the basketball courts section, but that area is booked solid throughout the year with the Trojan athletic squads and various intramurals.

Now I know the traditional gym usually provides enough treadmills for everyone, but I am going to have to recommend you go for a brisk jog around the building instead, because you might not have access to the treadmill until a few hours before midnight. I know it’s winter, but treadmills are seriously overrated. Just purchase one of those fur trader toques, an underarmour suit and enjoy the beautiful SAIT outdoors instead of pining for a warm, convenient, technologically-advanced treadmill.

For all those serious weightlifters, I’m talking the dudes grabbing the dumb-bells that equal the weight of a baby ox, make sure you pick the right time to put the weights away because there are a number of obstacles to watch out for. Firstly, the space is extremely compact so you will likely have to dodge a few equally burly humans along the way to distributing the weights back to their home. Secondly, because there are only five to six benches for one to use, you may have to walk about 20 feet carrying one of those behemoth weights that I know are incredibly dangerous, but no one has been hurt…yet.

Thirdly, there will likely be a number of confused men and women staring at the weights for an inordinate period of time. How come? Oh this is because almost half of the weights are missing the numbers that identify how much they weigh. So the odd time you may pick up a blank weight that you assume is 20 lbs. when it is truly 40 lbs. You can’t beat putting your body through a misleading exercise routine right?

Anyway, I have to get in line for the incline bench machine, so I look forward to seeing you all at the wonderful SAIT workout facility located in the dungeon of the SAIT athletic department.