By Séamus Smyth

5. Eminem – Superman

A seductive, pimped-out nod to Clarke Kent, this is arguably Slim’s sexiest song from his most complete album. He makes a notable effort to blow off “what’s her face?” and parties like any freshly single guy would; by drinking enough vodka to bathe a giraffe and lining up a chick for every night of the week; Kent may not have approved.

4. Stereophonics – Superman

This track sounds like Superman after hitting the bottle for three days straight and recovering from a reckless streak of behaving less than spectacularly as he stares himself down in the bathroom mirror. With his five o’clock shadow intact, he’s pictured stumbling around the room looking for his wallet like a mere mortal by these grizzly-sounding British lads. If only Batman could witness this presentation of his strongest competition.

3. Our Lady Peace – Superman’s Dead

The beginning of the end for Superman; my timing is likely off, but I could swear this career-defining track came out mighty close to the infamous comic book that declared Superman really had bit the bullet. OLP are overwhelmed with emotion about the tragic news, however the track plunges further beyond the plot of a cartoon. Being normal is sometimes just not feasible and often is downright depressing. OLP masterfully capture this humbling concept in a menacing ode to the man with the “S” on his chest.

2. The Big Pink – Hit the Ground (Superman)

According to The Big Pink, having astonishing gifts is the ticket to failure or more specifically, a push off the proverbial cliff. The man of steel’s masculine cape is dyed the colour of a fine rose as this synth-obsessed duo swear off superhero worship forever.

1. Iron & Wine – Waiting for Superman

Yes, it’s a cover, but it is also incredibly profound and is as deep as Superman is mysterious. The song in a sense is everything that Superman is not. It’s raw, pleading and most notably, unapologetically vulnerable. While Superman seems to be capable of literally holding the world on his shoulders, Iron and Wine is the helpless cat in the tree crying for help, or in other words, waiting for Superman to as always, come to the rescue.