By Séamus Smyth

This year’s Grammy Awards were supposed to be defined by the reunited Beach Boys performance, but it will undoubtedly be remembered for having coincided with the death of Whitney Houston.

The celebrated diva was found dead in a hotel room at the age of 48 and it was impossible to not have the tragedy discussed at music’s most prestigious gallery. Although Houston will be remembered for her massive contribution to music, the dark cloud that she has existed under for the past two decades will no doubt follow her memory as well.

Her volatile relationship with Bobby Brown is unfortunately one of the most notorious good girl meets destructive boyfriend scenarios the music industry has ever witnessed. This is why it was so disheartening to watch Chris Brown perform at this year’s awards, despite having beaten his former girlfriend Rihanna before the ceremony, a mere three years prior.

Of course the Grammy’s couldn’t have predicted this painful irony, but Brown was clearly scheduled to perform well before the announcement of Houston’s passing. So how could the Grammy’s be so incomprehensibly irresponsible? What an insult to pop star Rihanna to know that despite having her face smashed a rainbow of colours, the culprit was allowed to share the same stage as her this past Sunday.

Is the Grammy committee so concerned about ratings and attracting the younger demographic that they neglected the fact that Brown not only abused one of the world’s most respected artists, but has behaved like a spoiled toddler since the event? What a horrifying message to send to the new wave of teeny-boppers and voracious music lovers.

The musical world, let alone the pop landscape, is bombarded with RnB stars and promising rock n’ roll acts, that the Grammy’s could have easily taken a stand against Brown and denied him an invitation. This is not a contentious issue by any means. This is not a request for the Grammy’s to advocate for gay marriage or to side Republican or Democrat, it is an appeal for them to assert themselves as a committee and unite against the abuse of women.

Brown can continue to make money from record sales and radio play, but why allow him to perform at the most important venue of the season? He demonstrated his disregard for the jubilation by striking the flesh of his supposed love at the time, thereby stealing any headlines of the awards via his malicious antics. Brown should forever be on the outside looking in, remembering why he is not harassed on the Grammys’ red carpet as he is surely not worthy of such glamourous attention, due to his ghastly and criminal behaviour.