By Séamus Smyth

The Kony 2012 production that flooded Facebook news feed canals the past few weeks has pessimists circling the juicy prey like vultures flanking a dying turkey.

Of course these cynics have embellished the Kony 2012 production’s motivations, just coming short of crying that their purses and wallets were sliced open with a butcher knife by this heartless charity.

The negative energy that pessimists have managed to capture through dissecting the video sounds similar to a pack of ruthless lawyers desperately seeking flaws in a case with innocent intentions.

The kits that the Kony 2012 campaign have made available are all completely optional. The theme and the heart of the matter is that Joseph Kony is a sadistic animal that deserves to have his reign of terror ended immediately. Nowhere in the first 20 minutes of the video does a more distinct and clear theme rear its head then this overwhelming thesis.

Invisible Children urge its viewers to contact local MLAs and council members to utilize their political clout to demonstrate that the kidnapping of children will not be tolerated no matter what part of the planet it takes place. Again, an action that viewers can participate in without ever dialing in their credit card numbers or shaking their precious piggy banks.

Yet in typical westerner fashion, many have predictably zoomed in on the potential flaws of the organization and have cried, “Where is my money going?” as if Invisible Children is some terrorist cult that looks to deceive affluent Canadians and Americans of their savings.

Yes, there is a chance that the large chunk of the change does not go directly towards eliminating Kony. Indeed, it is quite likely that some of the monies pay for these expensive visits to Uganda and other activities that Invisible Children partake in.

So the simple solution is to not donate if you feel that your money will not be spent responsibly. But appropriate action can still be undertaken to ensure that Joseph Kony becomes globally recognized for his menacing and ruthless actions.

It is time to view this viral scenario from a few steps back instead of analyzing it through a microscope. This is not an argument rescuing Invisible Children and the Kony 2012 campaign from any unethical accusations. It is a demand for the Facebook generation to realize that Joseph Kony is a monster of Frankenstein proportions and should be put to justice whether it is by spreading a controversial video or by a bullet courtesy of a CIA secret operation.

It is time for pessimists to quit searching for excuses and begin demanding action.