By Séamus Smyth

NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow was shipped off like a fraudulent messiah to the New York Jets this past week after the Denver Broncos signed free agent Peyton Manning.

If Manning is healthy and capable of returning to prime form, then the Broncos could ram their way straight to the 2013 SuperBowl. But have the Broncos forgotten about the age of Manning and completely neglected the potential of Tebow?

Manning is a 35-year-old who has just been sidelined for an entire season due to injury and it is likely that he has two years left of premium fuel in his tank before he begins to depreciate.

Tebow, despite having nowhere near the arm of Manning, is a solid decade younger than his replacement and will only continue to improve while Manning’s final years will be played out before Tebow even reaches his full potential.

It is understandable that the Broncos are hungry for a roaring, SuperBowl parade, but they may have just traded off a rare opportunity for long-term consistency and success.

The squads that have managed to remain at the top of their conferences for the better part of the past decade (New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers,) have done so by remaining true to their quarterbacks.

The Broncos have disregarded the potential of Tebow and this maneuver will not go unnoticed by the team’s loyalists.

Although the Broncos may very well reach the SuperBowl this season, don’t be surprised when the New York Jets have steadily compiled a string of winning seasons and a shot at multiple titles, while the Broncos struggle to rebuild after Manning hangs his cleats up for good.