By James Pavel

St. Albert was recently named the best city to live in Canada by MoneySense.com, despite having a grotesque and untidy body of water running through its core.

The Sturgeon River was once a beautiful and lush artery of the wealthy suburb, but has become a polluted and trash-infested slew.

Yes, the crime rate is relatively low (although certainly not non-existent,) and the quality of life is admittedly quite high. But how can St. Albert even be held in the same discussion as other prominent cities that have a true river or lake that allows residents to swim, tube or even just respect from a peaceful distance?

St. Albert has the exquisite Red Willow trail running adjacent to the Sturgeon, yet tragically any view of the river is an immediate reminder that it does not move or crash against the banks, but instead contains hundreds of abandoned shopping carts and enough trash to construct a city landfill.

The City of St. Albert must begin a drastic cleansing project in order to be considered an elite Canadian city. The disgusting amount of debris and rubbish that has infiltrated the Sturgeon has become an embarrassment and council needs to address this issue before the river becomes an abandoned cause.