By James Pavel


5. Yellow

A heart-rattling tribute to a most vibrant colour, Coldplay is singing about much more than just their favourite crayon. It was truly amazing how that when the song was released, it became incredibly apparent how desperate planet Earth was for a modern-day love song.

4. Lovers in Japan

It was the song that made the burning torch that U2 has carried for the past two decades finally slip into the hands of Chris Martin and company. It’s a revamped and condensed “Where the Streets Have No Name,” with a distinct Asian spice. Papier-mâché butterflies explode from cannons set up on stage whenever “Lovers in Japan” is performed live, something that would generally sound painfully contrived to witness, yet instead further demonstrates the magnitude of this track.

3. Strawberry Swing

It’s a picnic on Violet Hill with cloudless skies and endless wine. It’s Coldplay trying to be the Beatles without sounding like the Beatles. It’s their purest and most original contribution to the love catalog. “Strawberry Swing” is where life’s simple enjoyments are celebrated as whispers crash into the heavens with only a lover’s voice conveying the only sound that matters.

2. Politik

Contemplating our significance and purpose on this planet is merely the opening line of the most bombastic track of their career. It dates way back to their second album, yet remains a staple of their live set. The drums are the pulse of this passionate politician, as he patiently waits to rally the troops with urgent poundings of his fists with every blistering command to “Open up your eyes.” Of course, what is so exceptional about this particular star in the Coldplay stratosphere is the final two minutes where it shoots from the Milky Way into a previously unknown dimension of euphoria.

1. The Scientist

The song has a multitude of meanings for an uncountable number of people. It seems to be a reminder that life is fleeting and to behave as if this isn’t painful to contemplate is a lie not worth living. If we are merely a conglomeration of complex molecules, than Coldplay wish to celebrate each and every scientific miracle.