5. Jonathan Low

Explosions of drums blare out for this mysterious character, Jonathan Low. The track sounds like Rod Stewart’s “Maggie May” jacked up on MDMA, with less pelvic thrusts and more Vampire intuition.

4. Oxford Comma

English teachers fantasize about making grammar this much fun. The necessity of the Oxford comma is certainly debatable, but the inclusion of this literary love-letter on this list is definitely not.

3. Run

This list becomes infiltrated with material from their second album, “Contra,” because it not only contains noticeable improvements from the first record, but it was one of the premier albums of 2010. “Run” steals away every child’s dream of dashing away and dresses up the concept in adult attire. It celebrates the brief period of no restrictions, where being in your 20’s contains limitless possibilities and that running away isn’t only an option, it is a desired gateway.

2. Giving up the Gun

“Giving up the Gun” was pure hipster-pop that turned casual fans into die-hards. The song punctured the stale rock music bubble with refreshing quips such as, “Your sword’s grown old and rusty, Burnt beneath the rising sun, it’s locked up like a trophy, forgetting all the things its done.”

1. Horchata

What the hell is Horchata? Exotic hot chocolate? 80 proof vodka? Regardless, if it sounds anything like it tastes, it must be a warm bath of the most desirable flavours spilling down your throat like a Niagara Falls of pleasure. Horchata gave Vamp fans confirmation that the hype is real; this band just might become the Simon & Garfunkel of the Facebook generation.