By Séamus Smyth

5. Simple Kind of Life

I’ll make the obvious observation that it is a bit odd how No Doubt repeatedly cast Gwen Stefani and bassist Tony Kanal as jaded lovers. As fans, we are aware that they once dated and obviously broke up (Gwen is married to Bush lead singer, Gavin Rossdale) so why continue to re-enact the breakup? It is one of the dozens of odd idiosyncrasies that define No Doubt. The fact that they yearn for the simple life is almost understandable, if it wasn’t for the fact that the life they have carved out for themselves on planet Neptune didn’t look so appealing.

4. Running

Video games are often intended to mimic real life which is why the sounds of a super Mario game bounce up and down throughout one of No Doubt’s most serious tracks. It’s a cloud-floating, splashing in the water postcard from a band that rarely asks its audience to stare them straight in the eye and not blink. “Running” is about keeping pace, but when its Gwen Stefani asking, someone who is a forty-something freak of nature, it’d be wise to just watch her jogging from the bleachers.

 3. Hella’ Good

Sexually speaking, No Doubt was always a bit of a tease. Thankfully, they remove the cloth that was concealing their sexual organs for a hair-pulling 4 minutes and the feeling is unanimous; It was hella’ good. It was a sneak peak at how easy Gwen’s voice could transcend the dance/pop world, and she didn’t disappoint when a few years later she dropped a stacked solo album.

2. Sunday Morning

It’s one of the best fusions of reggae, pop and rock known to man. It likely confused audiences as they weren’t sure where it placed them on the musical spectrum, yet it was impossible to deny its likeability. Gwen is particularly bitter on this track, showing how her youth was impossible to conceal even in the innocence of a quiet Sunday morning.

1. Don’t Speak

“Don’t Speak” was the heart-shattering anthem of the 90s. Thousands of imploded chests forced their sensitive ear buds to sit through this track as they tried to piece together where it all went wrong. Of course what makes this song even more sincere is that it’s the tale of Tony the bassist and Gwen the singer’s romance gone awry. If Gwen Stefani can’t make it work, what chance do the rest of us have? Miraculously, the band has obviously stayed together, and Gwen and Tony appear to have defied the odds and remained not only band mates, but trustworthy companions.