5. Chilli (from TLC)

Sure, TLC’s “Lefteye” Lopes at times could compete with Chilli’s measurements on the barometre scale, but Lopes was also clinically insane. She burned down her boyfriend’s house before having a psychotic breakdown was the norm for ex-girlfriends and was probably a little too gangster for even the hardest scrubs on the block. Yet, Chilli was the refined and relaxed portion of TLC; She was crazy sexy and cool, and was the only reason men watched the full four minutes of a TLC music video.

4.Danielle Fishel (Topanga from Boy Meets World)

How Corey Matthews managed to attain T.G.I.F’s most sought-after princess is a mystery for the ages. The sheer sexiness of her name made the other letters in the alphabet blush with lust. She was quirky, funny and forced Matthews to surrender his entire youth for the best odds at deflowering her.

3. Tiffani Thiessen (Kelly from Saved by the Bell)

Male tweens wanted to be Zack Morris for a multitude of reasons, but nothing trumped his ability to regularly be hair-smelling distance away from Kelly Kapowski. She had a smile that could melt the arctic and the overall sex appeal of a Medusa spider. If it could be proven, I’d bet Principal  Belding’s salary that she led the decade in creating embarrassing wet dreams for the boys 15 and under division.

2. Jennifer Love Hewitt (from Can’t Hardly Wait)

She miraculously managed to star in half of the worst films created in the 90s and yet she is still managing to cling to a somewhat respectable career as the ghost whisperer. Pretty hair, nice smile, but what made her bedroom-poster material was her fabulous rack that appeared to be sculpted by Picasso. No matter what film she was in, you just prayed that everything was in the wash except for a tight white tank-top and she desperately needed to grab something outside. Whether she forgot her keys, needed to snatch the newspaper, or hell if she wanted to take her dog for a walk, we didn’t really care as long as she was drenched.

1.Pamela Anderson (C.J from Baywatch)

As Chuck Klosterman once explained, Pamela Anderson was the Marilyn Monroe of the 90s because she defined what sexiness was for her particular decade. Where the 60s was about behaving like a lady, having class and hanging with presidents, the 90s became the era where pornography exploded, fake boobs dominated and the first true sex tape was conceived. Pamela Anderson represented porn and plastic surgery as much as anyone, but she was also naturally stunning. Baywatch was a colossal hit and it wasn’t because every kid fantasized about being a lifeguard. It was because they dreamed of nearly drowning while C.J was on shift and hopefully mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was the only option.