By James Pavel

 5. The Game feat. Common – Angel

It’s Compton’s Devil plus one of rap’s most sophisticated (Common) giving shout outs to all the women who were likely forbidden by their parents to talk to them. The two prove how versatile the term angel really is, using it to describe weed, cities, women and yet another bag of sticky icky. It’s refreshing to hear Game name drop so little and instead focus on churning out one of his funkiest tracks to date.

 4. Alabama – Angels Among Us

It’s an incredibly spiritual song that will forever remind me of Christmas. The story at the beginning could make the coldest soul weep. Angels are mere fiction are they not? In the same category as vampires, big foot and Santa Claus (sorry kids) yes? Yet, Alabama’s conviction is piercing. Maybe the trick to life is to never completely grow up, alas, never actually stop believing in the supernatural, something Alabama clearly hasn’t forgotten.

3. Aerosmith – Angel

It has the high school dance bedazzle blowgun shooting confetti from the opening riff. It has all the elements that separate Aerosmith from Zeppelin and also serves as a dichotomy for all the reasons one either despises or loves them. Steven Tyler’s near female confessions accompanied by the pink and purple shining chorus are almost too honest for the estrogen-deficient male. One can almost feel the angels pulling on Tyler’s feathered earrings and telling him he’s safe for another night after this tribute piece.

2. The Temptations – Earth Angel 

“Earth Angel” will forever be remembered because of its appearance in the original Back to the Future school dance sequence.The track was special because it insinuated that human beings propped up a ladder for the female angels to join us mortals for an evening of romancing and sin-free fun. We certainly live with the presence of Satin on Earth, so the potential for “earth angels” not only sounds plausible, but refreshingly relieving.

1. Massive Attack – Angel

The intensity is electric. It immediately transports the listener to another realm, completely void of the mundane. It’s like having the ability to suddenly see electricity, for one to suddenly hear the Gods talking or maybe just to realize what makes Massive Attack so special.