By Séamus Smyth

Kanye West recently dedicated his latest single, “Perfect Bitch” to his Madame du jour, Kim Kardashian. Although Kanye is apparently attempting to make a genuine declaration of love in the most ostentatious way possible, it should come as an insult to a woman to be referred to as the word that rhymes with witch.

Just to clarify, bitch traditionally means a female dog. So even in the most literal sense, it should still come as a 1920’s slap in the face to a woman. Yet, the term has evolved to the point where it is usually used to indicate a woman that is behaving incomprehensibly rude and seems to constantly have a three-foot stick shoved up her anal cavity. Clearly, this evolution does not mean that “bitch” is now synonymous with “woman.”

Kardashian has appeared in one of the trashiest sex tapes to date, staged a wedding strictly for television ratings and now apparently has absolutely no issue with being called a term that any respectable woman would raise hell over being called. The Kardashian family continues to navigate a wagon that is only capable of driving the female gender through the mud. They seem nearly hell-bent on bringing the gals back to the good ol’ days of cleaning, cooking and looking pretty.

Kim Kardashian has thus far proven to be useless. There can’t possibly be a rebuttal to that. But the horrifying truth is that she is one of the most popular women on the face of the planet. Which means her non-reaction to her boyfriend’s word choice speaks volumes to the thousands of women who take cues from this reality-TV robot. West could have chosen from a dozen other nouns to more acutely describe his affection for his beau, but didn’t bother because he seems to have figured she wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

Woman, girl, lady, dame, he could have even gotten metaphorical with the whole title and called her his sunshine, muffin, cupcake or whatever celebrity couple’s call each other these days. But he didn’t.

West is potentially the biggest pop star on the planet and the fact that he is given approval, or didn’t even bother to run the song title past Kim, demonstrates that there is a still gap between what should be deemed acceptable language when addressing a woman or even a person for that matter.

The B-word, yes it wasn’t always just nonchalantly written or spoken like it is now, is a curse word. It should be reserved for moments of anger, frustration and when someone really has acted like such a cow that a curse is the only taste that satisfies the tongue.

Calling your girlfriend a bitch is degrading, insulting and I wonder how much money it would cost to pay Kardashian to actually take a stand against being called such a cutting term. West doesn’t care because calling a woman a bitch in the rap game is like calling your jewelry ice or your car a whip. But he is a cultural icon calling, I can’t believe I am going to admit this, another cultural icon of the opposite sex a bitch outside of the context of rap and inside the parameteres of mainstream culture. And this is not, and should not be, acceptable.

West and Kardashian have more influence than the Queen of England and the Pope combined, yet rather than attempt to reach a new level of acceptance in gender and language, they have both simple nodded their heads to a demeaning and sexist term that dehumanizes women with yet another trashy attempt at winning a larger audience.