By James Pavel

It’s difficult to pay attention to the 2012 presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney when there is literally a serious shooting in the United States of America once a week. A country that doubles and usually triples other first-world countries in death by bullets is on a horrifying new rampage of death and yet not a word has been uttered about pushing for stricter gun laws in the country.

Three people killed yesterday at Texas A&M University. Darius Kennedy gunned down in the middle of the afternoon in New York’s Times Square three days ago. Six people shot dead at a Sikh temple in suburban Milwaukee last week. James Holmes shoots and kills 12 people and injures 58 people on July 20 in a Colorado movie theatre.

What exactly is the United States waiting for? This is a state of emergency. This is the time when you make rash and bold decisions. The USA is in a crisis, and not just in an economic sense. There is a deep anger running from east to west over the lack of jobs, the lack of change and it is beginning to boil over into these psychotic shooting sprees that must be put to an end.

Can the US suddenly alleviate this anger? No. Can they turn the economy around over night? Not in the country’s wildest dreams. But they can insist on throwing down tough legislation on all guns sales beginning yesterday.

It should no longer be up for debate. It’s a fool’s argument to suggest that the lax gun laws in the US don’t contribute to these human disasters. The second amendment, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” is an archaic suggestion at best. As Michael Moore suggested on Piers Morgan Tonight earlier this month, it was written with the fear that the British may come back and attempt to take back America back in the late 1800s. That means it was a legitimate concern over 200 years ago.

The US has a black president. Slowly but surely gay marriage is becoming acceptable across the nation. Progress, no matter how stubbornly, is coming along. It is time for the United States to re-write this absurd and bizarre law that suggest that any man or woman should be able to possess a human-killing machine like it’s their God-given right because it is not.

Guns have served humans little good over the years and have demonstrated again why they should be reserved for only the most extreme of events. If you aren’t in the military, what could you possibly need a gun for? As Frank Sinatra once brilliantly said, “Fear is the enemy of logic.”

It is time for Americans to be stripped naked of their arms and dare themselves to live another day.