5. Younger Us – Japandroids

Japandroids dump out their disposable camera pictures and reminisce out loud about how fun being free of responsibility really was. It would have sounded like a drunken heart-to-heart in your high school buddy’s garage if it wasn’t for the up-tempo, heart-convulsing guitars shattering through this teenage dream. They don’t write off the trials and tribulations of adulthood, but it may make those who know their best days are behind them plead for a time machine.

4. Young – Keeney Chesney

Chesney demonstrates an uncanny ability to capture the weekend lives of millions of youth with probably one of the best modern country songs of the past 20 years. It’s not all guts and glory, as he alludes to the awkwardness that certainly played a major role in everyone’s younger days to a certain erection-concealing degree. But the typical bad attitudes, the rock n’ roll shirts, and drinkin’ that discount beer, Chesney manages to summarize the rebellious days of the jocks, babes, freaks and geeks all in one hit. Country music’s valedictorian even manages to summarize and explain every reaction and non-reaction of youth with the brilliantly and simplistic line, “We were mostly….young.”

3. When you were Young – The Killers

It’s the most bombastic song to ever be dedicated to living at your parents house. “Sometimes you close your eyes and see the place where you used to live,” shoots bolts of nostalgia through every listener’s eardrums as the Killers successfully penetrate the most sensitive of all human emotions; our memories. It touches on religion and love, but the theme of this electric anthem is how it is an undeniable privilege to be young.

2. Forever Young – Alphaville

It is the Michael Jordan of synth. Music that evokes nostalgia like an onion produces tears; there was no better choice for a theme than eternal youth for a song this dramatic sounding.  Diamonds are forever, but unfortunately youth is painfully finite. O so many obsess over their younger days, as if adulthood is void of any joy or bliss. But this blind love affair with being underage or barely legal, is part of what makes life so remarkable. “Do you really want to live forever?” To have something forever would make it limitless, thereby rendering it meaningless.

1. Forever Young – Rod Stewart

Stewart takes a lot of unnecessary flack, especially considering his expansive choice of subject matter that is rarely acknowledged at the level that it should be. Stewart doesn’t reflect on his youth bitterly, but instead with mischievous smirk on his face. He never gave up chasing girls, but that that has less to do with maturity, and everything to do with being a rock star. The song has an unmistakable 80s allure to it, but it has managed to stand the test of time. In other words it has remained forever fresh, forever new, and yes, forever young.