By Séamus Smyth

No product line has generated anything remotely close to the feverish following that Apple has amassed over the past decade.

There is no arguing that the iPod, the iPhone and even the iPad have completely revamped the technological world and have been some of the most innovative designs of the 21st century.

With such technological wizardry has come excessive praise, which is why it has become oddly refreshing to see a rival company begin poking fun at the almost blind devotion that has that come to define Apple-product consumers.

Samsung Galaxy has been running “the next big thing is already here” advertisements since 2011, but the message seems to have picked up some additional swagger now that the Apple 5 has been as underwhelming as it has, especially by Apple-fanatic standards.

The loss of Steve Jobs is a tragedy and is one acknowledged by every tech company. But with such great loss, comes great opportunity. Perhaps it is just coincidence that the Apple 5 did not soar to a new level of ingenuity in the post-Jobs era, but on the other side of the coin, maybe that is exactly the case.

Samsung’s cellphone advertisements for the Galaxy imply with clever brilliance that there is no longer any need to wait hours upon hours for the latest Apple product because Samsung believe they have miraculously created a superior product.

The Galaxy already operates on a high-functioning network and has a screen that rivals that of a plasma television. The phone can also exchange playlists and files simply by knocking heads with one of its peers. Yes, not only does the Galaxy appear to provide what Apple followers not-so-secretly crave, it appears to provide features that fly over the heads of even the higher powers working at the golden fruit.

The discussed commercial features hip Apple sycophants fantasizing aloud about what Apple may have in store for them next. Yet as they wait in an endless line of hyperbole, a number of casual and unmistakably intelligent cellphone users appear nonchalantly flaunting their impressive Samsung Galaxies.

The extended version of the ad even implies that Apple is actually your mom and dad’s favourite company and that the hippest cats on the block are tossing out their old tech-fruit and teleporting to Samsung’s version of the Milky Way.

The dichotomy works wonders and forces anyone who has ever purchased an Apple product (so basically everyone) to re-consider why they refuse to see what other options are available.

It’s a domineering marriage that many have voluntarily entered into, but Samsung is asking that we play the field a little bit before completely settling down with a long-term cellphone companion.

The advertisement would fail miserably if it wasn’t for the fact that the Galaxy looks and feels like a worthy suitor.

Is the Samsung Galaxy going to dethrone the iPhone? It’s unlikely. But it is refreshing to see a new rival throwing rocks at the kingdom’s windows. Maybe Apple has become a little bit too cozy at the top and the Samsung mockeries will re-invigorate the king of the castle.