By Séamus Smyth

5. Just like Heaven – The Cure

Rainbows of synth open up the doors to Jesus’ bachelor pad in one of the Cure’s finest. No one knew how to drown a party in depression better than Robert Smith, which is why it must have been a shot to the face to first hear Smith rave about the wonders of such a positive subject as heaven.

4. Heaven – Bryan Adams

It hasn’t quite grown out of its 80’s clothing, but there is still something sincerely sweet about Bryan Adams’ interpretation of heaven. Adams claims that heaven isn’t actually lights years away, but is instead lying down in his arms, and probably eventually causing his limbs to go numb. How refreshing for God to hear that instead of one expecting heaven to be the location where their wildest fantasizes come to fruition, here sings a man that thinks heaven is merely him spooning with his girlfriend on a Sunday afternoon; class.

3. Hurts like Heaven – Coldplay

If heaven hurts, then pain is bliss. Coldplay gobbled a bundle of euphoria while recording their most recent album, Mylo Xyloto and managed to turn frowns upside down across the globe. While many bands become bitter as they age, Coldplay seem to be optimistic as ever, as even a powerful pinch from heaven can’t awake them from their benevolent dreams.

2. Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton

Clapton might have the strongest record for creating riffs that are identifiable within seconds. “Tears in Heaven” has a melodic and cozy swing to it, but the depth of it is daunting. Clapton’s career has seen as many highs and lows as any other living legend, and “Tears in Heaven” chooses to focus on one of his darkest moments.

1. Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin

There’s a stairway to heaven, but it chose to only reveal itself to the men of the Led. The song travels through small villages at the beginning, as Robert Plant lays out one of the most beautiful epilogues known to song. It slowly drifts towards a magical and warm guitar strum that feels as much as it sounds. What a joy that the listener is invited to slowly mount the steps to certain nirvana with Jimmy Page’s urging guitars preparing to roar. The drums turn the jaunt into a jog up the ladder of truth, before Page rips into maybe the greatest guitar solo known to mortals. It’s undoubtedly the stairway to Heaven and is a main entry-point to one of the defining moments of rock n’ roll.