By S
éamus Smyth

5. Let’s go Surfing – The Drums

It’s the sun slicing through your drapes. It’s the unseen birds chirping back and forth in their unwritten language. It’s also the sound of the Drums whistling in unison as your alarm clock no longer sounds like a bomb being detonated, but is instead a sweet serenade at the suddenly lovely hour of 6 a.m.

4. Wake me up Before you Go-Go – WHAM

Waking up beside George Michael is either a fantasy or a nightmare depending on what branch you swing from, but having him deliver lyrical coffee to your membrane as you attempt to roll out of the hay is acceptable from all walks of life. WHAM’s wake up remedy will have you reaching for your fluorescent socks and practicing your lip-synching in front of the mirror with your toothbrush/wireless microphone in hand.

3. 1st of the Month – Bone Thugs n Harmony

Even Layzie Bone manages to escape the embrace of his velvet sheets as his fellow Bone Thugs prove to be gangsters, weed smokers, and definitely morning people in “1st of the Month.” Bone Thugs discuss the hardships they encounter through days 2-29 through each airtight verse, before practically jumping up and down on their bunk beds on the first of the month like it’s Christmas morning.

2. Wake Up (Best Day Ever) – Mac Miller

Miller is definitely awake, but his words describe a lifestyle that for most of us would only appear in a surreal dream. “Young, rich and famous, thanks for asking – how are you?” is the cheekiest greeting rap music has heard since Eminem’s follow up verses to “Hi, my name is.” Miller sounds like he spends half of his day pinching himself and dunking his head in shallow water to ensure his heavy weed intake hasn’t led to hallucinations. He looks like a XL-sized Leprechaun, yet when you ask if girls are impressed by his looks and style, he replies “duh.” I must be missing something.

1. Wake Up – Arcade Fire

Setting this track as your alarm clock may result in world-conquering feats and an urgency to accomplish as much as possible within the next 24 hours. It’s a grandiose song with Mount Everest expectations, that doesn’t crash but instead sets sail to worlds outside the Earth’s atmosphere. The early chanting morphs your pigsty of a bedroom into an invisible orchestra. Arcade Fire doesn’t pull you out of bed, but slowly rub your shoulders and tell you that today is the day that all your wildest dreams could come true if you could merely “wake up.” Now how’s that for motivation.