By Séamus Smyth

So much of society’s limelight has been focused on the female evolution that men have been able to sharpen their armor with little fanfare. These late hours in the proverbial gym have paid off, as a small army of men in today’s society have re-defined what a modern man is.

Men have re-engineered themselves to be humble but confident, driven but patient and loyal but still independent. The transformation did not occur over night of course. We noticed women miraculously balancing children with work like veteran jugglers. And yet rather than surrender, men got to work. The Homer Simpson beer gut has been replaced by the P90X core.

The cheap cold ones have been replaced by fine red wine. Men are reading. Men are cleaning. Men are man-scaping. Men are paying so much attention to fashion, that often women will just steal our clothes rather than shop for their own.

The modern man has installed the greatest qualities of women into their arsenal and updated the skills that made man desirable from the dawn of time. This is not to say that all men have managed to follow suit. Yet, if Charles Darwin taught us creatures anything, it is that the strong survive, and the weak shall remain single with wing-stains on their ill-fitting skateboard hoodies.