By James Pavel

It was yet another gaff-filled night for two of the NHL’s most over-rated goaltenders, Pittsburgh’s Marc-Andre Fleury and Montreal’s Carey Price.

Both have been touted as potential starting goaltenders for the 2014 Team Canada Olympic team, but May 7, 2013’s dual for worst play of the night between the two goats was a swift reminder of how horrific both are capable of playing.

Both goaltenders, who perform in a similar style, have managed stunning saves and strings of superb play in their careers but are rapidly becoming notorious for their knack of completely dissolving under playoff pressure.

No single player this playoffs has given away a game the way Fleury donated to the Islanders yesterday evening. With the lead changing back and forth, and the Pens up ahead often, Fleury continued to discover new and creative methods of allowing the opposition back in the game. Maybe the most brilliant maneuver was when he faced the puck while it was behind the net, had it deflect off of his paw and allowed it to slither into the back of the goal.

The Penguins have one of the greatest first two –line combinations to be established in the past decade and yet they may succumb to the Isles because of Fleury’s crafty ability to allow everything short of the Zamboni into the goal.

The Canadians desperately need Price to steal a game, and he has. Except the recipients of the theft are from the nation’s capital, as the Senators are on the verge of upsetting a team that should be completely dominating them based on their terrific regular-season performance.

It would be fitting to have either of the goalies fill the shoes of the legendary Martin Brodeur for the upcoming Olympic tournament. Yet although Marty has admittedly allowed the odd circus goal throughout his illustrious career, he was typically as safe as a bank’s vice between the pipes when the game mattered. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for Fleury or Price.

The 2014 starting goalie position is as available as Sean Avery on the free market. All that has been made clear so far this playoff season is that Fleury and Price have both been etched out as potential candidates for the coveted position.