By James Pavel

 Critics have hammered Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest work, The Great Gatsby with negative criticism but it hasn’t stopped the film from bringing in an impressive $51 million in its first weekend.  

 The critical blundering is completely unjustified because even watching DiCaprio do absolutely nothing is grander than watching a normal man attempt amazing feats.

 The film is a glamourous spectacle, with wild, ostentatious parties, elaborate and decorative outfits and slick haircuts that would look just splendid in today’s time-traveling fashion lineup .If you haven’t read the classic novel, “The Great Gatsby,” then you wouldn’t know that it is about a man who has seemingly everything, who has accomplished even the wildest of ambitions, but who does it all for the love and affection of a woman named Daisy.

 It is an electric and dreamy love story, which is likely what critics disliked so vehemently. When a regular gentleman explains their quest for the hand of a lady, it can be energizing and thrilling, but also repetitive and glib. But when Leo falls in love, it is never anything short of enchanting.

 Everything exuded by Leo is with the passion of a thousand poets, a man who is now a master of emotion and sincerity. He appears almost blindingly dashing in each scene, leaving men grateful that he is restrained to mingling only with only supermodels and Hollywood celebs and not us mere mortals.

 The 3-D experience is also stunning, as it provides the most engaging and stimulating visuals since “Avatar.” Gatsby isn’t for the traditional summer audience who are only moved by relentless car chases and meaningless dialogue.

 Gatsby is for those appreciative of love and aware of its ability to possess the soul and force it to conquer anything in order to attain the true and undeniable love of a single man or woman.

 An actor who has played so many historic characters would often grow tiresome or almost unbelieving to an audience because of such a mass assortment of aliases, but not Leo.

 He is as visceral as Gatsby as he is Jack in Titanic. He is as much a tourist on a beach in Thailand as he is a South African excited by blood diamonds. The only element that doesn’t seem real is Leo himself. He is and always will be, the king of the world.