By James Pavel 

5. Stop Crying Your Heart Out 

  “Stop Crying Your Heart Out,” was pure sophistication, man’s game if you will, for a group often associated with delinquent antics, they were suddenly delivering illustrious passages of enlightenment to a surprised, but appreciative audience. Suddenly Liam was an old wise man, with small children sitting on his lap as he gave life lessons through song and hymn. The climax of this revolutionary Oasis gem is the harmonies between Liam and Noel at the 2:27 mark, a beautiful moment where Liam and Noel no longer sound like bickering enemies, but like two loving brothers who erupted from the same womb. 

4. WonderWall 

 If there was one track that everybody in the world can roar in unison, it’s “WonderWall.” It’s a mainstay in the pubs, the hostiles, the acoustic jams, bachelorette parties, and hell, probably bar mitzvahs. It’s bloody easy to sing, and being off-key is practically a requirement. Of course it’s much more than just a drunken sing-along. It’s a tale of salvation, a man confessing to a woman that he’ll never stop counting on her because she’s given him no reason not to. There are many things that we’d like to say, but sometimes it takes some liquid courage and a rendition of “WonderWall” to bring it all out to the forefront of conversation.

 3. Live Forever

 As legend has it, Noel Gallagher wrote “Live Forever,” after he heard a Nirvana song where Kurt Cobain pleaded for death. It’s a classic juxtaposition in pop music, a historic band with a lead singer that seemed eternally suicidal versus a band of Brits that, at that moment, cherished every breath. The relationship of Liam and Noel has died, this time perhaps permanently, but the music of Oasis will surely, not definitely maybe, live forever. 

2. Slide Away

No Oasis track better exemplifies the mastery Noel Gallagher possesses over song writing. The sheer longing, the vivid fantasies and the dynamite chorus all show why Beady Eye will never write a song as brilliant as anything on this list of Oasis classics. Of course it is Liam’s smoky rasp that makes the song a hit, a desperate voice always sounding like its on its last legs, yet still capable of making a fan believe in anything. If “Slide Away” touches your soul on a significant level, you’re not the only one. Sir Paul McCartney once called “Slide Away,” his all-time favourite, an award second to none for the Gallagher brothers.

1. Don’t Look Back in Anger

It’s the greatest Beatles’ song not conducted by the Fab Four. Singing about revolutions, English girls named Sally and simple emotions like anger are all part of the English stew that made the Beatles so tremendous. And yet what is most incredible is that it is highly debatable that no song ever did a better job of perfecting this recipe than “Don’t Look Back in Anger.” It has a chorus that was made to be sang by thousands,  a guitar riff for the history books, and the soul of a hundred English Kings. It’s one of the crowning achievements of one of the most successful groups to ever exist.