By James Pavel

She’s got the eye of the tiger and the heart of a lion. She wants to make your colours burst. She still has dreams best suited for a teenager. Katy Perry compares herself to a lion/tiger hybrid in her latest pop masterpiece because she is as tenacious as any artist around, and has the skull best fitted for pop music’s crown.

She is unquestionably the most consistent and original female artist today and she is most definitely the modern-day Queen of Pop.

Rihanna is admittedly, a close second. But Rihanna is extremely formulaic and seems to rely just as much on her own popularity as the pulsating popularity of other artists, i.e. Calvin Harris, Eminem, Justin Timberlake etc.

Katy Perry seems to pay little attention to the flavour of the weeks. She has grown in the  pop world as an artist who can produce an absolute smash literally every single, a gift that no female artist has been able to replicate. For every smash Britney Spears has pumped out, “Toxic,” for instance, there is an absolute snore fest void of any substance, “Lucky” being a shining star in that category.

The same can be said for Christina Aguilera, albeit she is well past her prime, is inaccurately showcased as a potential heir to Madonna’s throne. Beyonce hasn’t delivered anything as hot as “Crazy in Love” and seems incapable of ever generating something as murderously catchy as Katy Perry’s intimidating arsenal of hits.

“I Kissed a Girl,” “E.T,” “Teenage Dream,” “Firework” and now her latest single, “Roar,” a track that hammered its way to the top of the iTunes charts within days of its release, are quintessential pop tracks of the past decade and rock hard evidence that nobody deserves the crown quite like Perry.

Perry is sexy and had to exercise the shock value routine at the beginning of her career, but only to an extent. Never has she licked a hammer and swung naked from a wrecking ball Miley Cirus style, nor has she obsessed over appearing as rough and tough as a gangster rapper, the way Rihanna has morphed over the years.

She sung about kissing a girl drunk in a club, an event that like it or not, is more common than any respectable father would ever care to admit. The world knows she has a killer body but that is where she has drawn the line. Perry is known for smash records, while the competition seems better known for various, irrelevant exploits, from being married to Jay-Z, to behaving like a hooker on crystal meth at the 2013 MTV awards.

Perry is Queen because nothing matters more than her music. It is complete, it is motivational and it has soul. It is consistently improving the genetic code of a perfect pop song giving radio stations music that demonstrates taste and broad appeal.

Rihanna, Miley Cirus and especially Lady Gaga opt for image over music at every corner. Most notably, Lady Gaga is finally starting to suffer for her shallow presentation, as the single “Applause” sounds embarrassingly dated and forced compared to Perry’s fresh and polished “Roar.”

The battle for King of Pop has never been less intriguing, while the Queen of Pop title is comparable to NFL Sunday. The league is strong, fierce and appears as though anyone is capable of hoisting the SuperBowl. But Katy Perry continues to belt out touchdowns while many of her counterparts seem content with punting field goals.