By James Pavel

5. Picture – Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock

The day Kid Rock retired the white-trash, hooker-loving, hip-hop gimmick was a day all religions and cultures applauded in unison. In return we were introduced to a bluesy, laid-back, ex-cocaine cowboy primed to create something everlasting with the always reliable, Sheryl Crow. “Picture” helped re-define how to execute the duet by including a little back and forth Dosey-Doe, choosing a melody that agrees with both conspirators and opting for substance over pop predictability.

4. Pictures of You – The Cure

Robert Smith rummages through dusty shoeboxes of discarded photographs and allows the damns of past rivers to gush over his soul, if only for a brief five minutes. Falling just short of acidic rain, nothing burns the eyes more than a photo that captures a day when everything seemed impossibly simple.

3. Photograph – Ringo Starr

The eternal present that a photo exists in, that moment in time that is frozen like Walt Disney’s corpse but never to be released from its chains, has seduced the human mind since its advent in the 1800s. Arguably, nobody’s life has been researched and captured through photographs more than a member of the Beatles, and yet Ringo Starr’s interpretation of the photograph is, in classic Beatle fashion, gloriously human.

2. Take my Picture – Filter

To take a picture everyday is redundant and the definition of overkill, but on a boozy Saturday night, with the cliffs of Mount Black Out a mere shooter away, a photo of a night you won’t remember but likely won’t forget is the greatest idea you’ll have all night. The track is  a lyrical tirade against a father that never cared, (I’m guessing he did much less than neglect to keep a family photo album,) but as we all learn, it is the little things in life that count as Filter can attest.

1. Photograph – Def Leopard

Photo collecting had yet to explode, but Def Leopard predicted they were not destined to become lifelong scrap bookers. Photos are detailed and precious, but nothing captures an image the way the mind can. If you can outline someone’s freckles and beauty marks blindfolded, suddenly a photograph seems highly unnecessary. Photos are useless to the Leopard when their visions are so clear that they can practically penetrate the skin of their desired vision.

In Def Leopard’s heyday, there was no Facebook or Instagram, only cheesy nightstand photos of the one we can’t live without, and somehow this one photograph sounds more important than the 2 trillion mindless photos circling the web today.