By James Pavel

5. Kiss Me – Six Pence None The Richer

The song was destined to outlast its comrade, the 90s’ film, “She’s All That,” because although the film had its moments, it lacked timelessness and the flute-sounding solo of “Kiss Me.” It’s romantic, dancing in the moonlight music, a song that is applicable to more than just Freddie Prinze Jr.

4. Your Kiss is on my Lips – Hall & Oates

 Two adults gushing with feelings normally reserved for 12-year old boys shouldn’t be appealing, but this 80’s dynamic duo make junior high secrets a born-again riot.

3. I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry

 The stock shares of bisexuality shattered the TSX the morning “I Kissed a Girl” blessed the radio waves. Perry’s drunken tongue lashing with a fellow female had the libido of a pack of sex panthers packed into a Ford Bronco en route to Charlie Sheen’s mansion.

2. XO – Beyonce

 “XO” is how Grandma signed her Christmas cards as it is the old guard of expressing love and passion through penmanship. It’s a sincere note that “B” breathes life into like an overly dramatic lifeguard. She’s celebrating classic love by instead of dropping edgy “F” bombs, opts for mini “L” bombs and sprinkling dozens of hug and kiss grenades throughout one of her greatest tracks.

1. Kiss – Prince

 It has enough sexual energy to convince a Christian missionary group to film a sex tape, yet still renders a somewhat purifying message. You don’t need money, a fast car or even a Netflix account to earn the obedient love of the Purple One. All he requires is a passionate, eye-rolling smooch to send his voice shooting to an even higher pitch that audiences could ever have thought possible.