By James Pavel

5. P.K. Subban

Subban is caramel chocolate delivered from the heavens with flavour so pungent it makes Willy Wonka yearn to brand him. He is ushering in a new wave of top-tier defensemen, that has Habs fans cheering and women hollering.



4. Erik Johnson

This blonde prince reigns from the United States, but has a crown of hair that swears it stems from the heart of Sweden. He’s a viking disguised as an NHL hockey player who plays for the Colorado Avalanche with a smile that he minds to ensure it doesn’t accidentally melt the Denver Rockies.


 3. David Clarkson

Toronto’s bad boy hasn’t lived up to the impressive contract he garnered in the off-season, but his sexual appeal remains in the trillions.


2. Patrick Sharp

Sharpie’s sexuality is razor-like, cutting into the soul’s of sexually-starved female hockey fans like a freshly-pierced ice blade. Patty Sharp has eyes that could could convince you to jump off a cliff, convert to Buddhism, or much more understandably, become a die-hard Blackhawks’ fan.



1. Henrik Lundqvist

The reigning NHL sex symbol continues to be peppered with love-drunk women, facing more come-ons than a full regular season shot tally. King Henrik is not only the sexiest hockey player, but is the sexiest athlete competing in the year 2014.