James Pavel

By James Pavel

The sickening pollution of the English language continues as the term “irregardless” has been granted access into the once prestigious Oxford English Dictionary.

After years of polite interruptions to inform one that he or she has misspoke, apparently the linguistic hierarchies have surrendered to the ignorance of society and have allowed this hybrid of two separate terms to gain legitimacy.

The term “irregardless” is the fusion of the words “regardless” and “disregard.” To refresh everyone’s memory, “regardless” is defined as “having or showing no regard,” while “disregard” is to “neglect.” Essentially, the two terms are synonyms, therefore not only is the term “irregardless” alien to the English language(until now), but it is also a trite redundancy.

It is shameful and appalling that the English language has again suffered a tremendous defeat at the hands of the lazy and the illiterate. While television and the Internet have…

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