James Pavel

By James Pavel 

5. I love the Dough – Notorious B.I.G feat. Jay-Z

Nobody ever was able to quite sweep the carpet under Biggie’s giant weight, but Jigga proved to be Smalls’ equal on this money-saluting swinger. Hova’s bank account was still treated as a celebration at this point in his career, as opposed to the 2013 Hova who sneezes into hundred dollar bills.

 4. One Minute Man (remix)  – Missy Elliot feat. Ludacris & Jay-Z

Missy broke ground with this sexually explicit assault on all males who can’t contain their load for an adequate period of time. It’s likely her peak, probably Ludacris’ too,with yet this was just another ridiculously crazy verse from Hova. “Get yo independent ass out of here, question?” was a brilliant shot at his future wife Beyonce’s main crew, Destiny’s Child. It’s chauvinistic Jigga at his cheekiest, a song that likely doesn’t garner…

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