Tom Cruise

By James Pavel

I saw the latest Tom Cruise movie in an almost empty theatre last night.

The seats were left vacant and cold and not because the film, Edge of Tomorrow received poor reviews. In fact, the film was a futuristic bullet train of entertainment that unfortunately, very few can attest to.

For some time now, audiences no longer view Tom Cruise as the ultimate movie hero, but instead as a psychotic, religious zealot. For the past five years, he has felt the repercussions of this shattered relationship each time he has starred in a new movie.

My dear, fellow movie goers, it is time we make amends.

You know his career and his voice, but you do not know the man himself. You have likely felt as though you have made eye contact with him four dozen times in your life. You have surely seen him dance in his tighty whities. But you do not know him in any manner beyond the silver screen.

Voracious movie audiences need to finally erase what they claim to know about Tom Cruise the person, and start fresh with the mega movie star that we have now neglected since the turn of the decade.

You need to forgive the actor and forget about his bizarre personal life.

In the realm of butter-paved popcorn and 2 litre drums of pop, the entertainment is all that matters and nobody accelerates the human pulse like Tom Cruise.

Edge of Tomorrow, is likely to be yet another flop for Cruise, an unfathomable statistic 15 years ago. And yet the quality of films he chooses has not wavered. His latest choice pursues the same intellectual avenue as Leonardo Dicaprio’s Inception, and Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Looper. All three movies could only exist in the present day because of their blindingly bright concepts and neck-twisting themes that focus on the potential of the mind intertwined with science.

It’s cutting edge cinematography, but audiences can’t be moved to forgive poor Tommy. We loathe Cruise like he slept with our younger sister and never called. We pretend to know him because of the toxic pollution that exists on newsstands with false rumours and outlandish tall tales of his social life.

The man we pretend to know everything about is actually Thomas Cruise Mapother IV and although, he might be two Scientology sermons away from the coo coo house, this shouldn’t matter.

We have become so enamoured with celebrity gossip that we have actually allowed it to cloud the very method that we’ve come to know the name of someone famous in the first place. We do not know who Cruise is because he openly supports one of the most contentious religions in the world, or because he enjoys pouncing up and down on a couch like a Ritalin-needy child.

His name is embedded in the pop culture lexicon because he made Top Gun one of the decade-defining movies of the 80s. His name is synonymous with acting because of his spine-tingling performances in Jerry Maguire, and The Last Samurai. And yet we have held a grudge against him because he might have been a mind-control freak-a-zoid in his relationship with Katie Holmes. We stick our noses up because we don’t agree with his religious beliefs, despite him never actually attempting to persuade any audience member to convert to his preferred union in any role he has chosen.

The person that you do know is the movie/action star, Tom Cruise. He is what should matter. We should judge him by the quality of his craft, and not by the recent US Magazine headline.

Let him back into your life. Let Tom Cruise the movie hero save the world again and again, like he has for the past three decades.

You don’t have to pick up the phone. You don’t need to Facebook him. Just pay to see Tom Cruise’s latest film and gently whisper, “I forgive you.”