By James Pavel

The much discussed film, The Interview may or may not be released.

It is a highly contentious film and since we are all talking about it, let’s continue the discussion, but let’s flip the script.

Let’s pretend a North Korean production company released a movie depicting two of its lovable clowns plotting to murder the leader of the United States of America. They also do not alter the appearance or name of the US leader. They actually make a movie where American leader Barack Obama is the target of a secret operation, with his demise serving as the ultimate goal.

How exactly would this be reported by American media? Would it not be viewed as an act of war? What if this was the Prime Minister of England? Or Canada’s own, Stephen Harper?

Hollywood is upset over Sony’s hesitance to release the film without acknowledging the obvious and direct assault this film may have on a country we know little about. Kim Jong Un is reported as a megalomanic, modern-day tsar. The US media portray him as a massive threat to North American society, but what nation has currently been at war for over a decade? What nation has dropped bombs over 14 different middle eastern countries since 1980? As much as North Korea may or may not be a threat to planet Earth, it is the Americans that continue to engage in acts of war.

If Sony had produced a movie that actually provided unheard information, cold-hard facts and a glimpse into the leadership of Kim Jong Un, perhaps it would easier to defend this false sense of victimization that Hollywood is conveying. But it is instead two actors that have starred in some of the most half-baked productions over the past ten years, now taking their stoner antics to a grander scale without any thought of how it may be perceived by the subject.

Free speech and believing what we wish are pillars of the western world. But pumping out a film about murdering the leader of a nation across the planet is a classic American bully tactic that is being met with obvious resistance.

If the tables had been turned, the American upheaval would have been ten-fold.