burt-reynolds1 Opinion By James Pavel Half an ounce of Butter Ripple Schnapps and half an ounce of Captain Morgan’s spiced rum poured into a single shot glass. In the U.K they call it a Werther’s Original because it tastes like the candy. In Canada, but more specifically Alberta, it is called, ordered, shouted, projectile-vomited out, and order again, as the “Burt Reynolds.” It is hands down the most popular alcohol-induced shooter in the business by a massive margin. Shots of Patron, Sambuca, or porn stars, can’t touch this shot that is so lionized, it is often ordered simply by a patron placing an index finger under the nose, which ridicules the classic moustache of the burly actor, Burt Reynolds and also signifies that they desire another round of Burt. But a new shot may finally be worthy of dethroning the almighty Reynolds. A young man with an ironic moustache, a straight-brimmed baseball cap and a grin only an 18-year-old in a bar could muster, approached me a month ago. “Can I have a James Franco?” he barked. I immediately assumed this was some toxic creation he had conceived in his friend’s parent’s basement, but I am polite and professional so I asked him to explain himself. And so he did. It contains .5 oz. of Jameson’s Irish whiskey followed by .5 oz. of Frangelico liqueur. The James from the Jameson and the Fran from the Frangelico – and so it is called the “James Franco.” How insanely brilliant. Before me was no longer a drunken man/boy but a complicated genius who I wanted to applaud for such alcoholic wizardry. I slapped his hand and told him it was coming right up. The Burt Reynolds took over from the iconic, douche-bag worshiped Jägerbomb. The bomb stole the show from the Gladiator. And now I believe the Burt Reynolds may finally succumb to the great James Franco shooter. Not only is Irish whiskey witnessing a heroic comeback, but James Franco is a much more culturally-relevant celebrity than Burt Reynolds, a point that holds significant weight in our celebrity-obsessed world. It may take a year, potentially two, but I believe the great transition from Burt to Franco is upon us. Enjoy!