By James Pavel 

 Beautiful women and handsome men gawking over one individual and declaring the eventual victor madly in love is to some, as fake as television can get.

We can’t “act” love, or script true feelings, but when spoiled with helicopter rides, nightly hot tub dates and ample litres of wine, the L-bomb gets dropped more on ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ than at a drunken heart to heart between two bros.

But what is horrible, hilarious and mildly depressing is that this reality series is actually as real as reality shows get. This isn’t ‘Survivor’, where producers have to recognize which contestants will immediately loathe each other and therefore clash. It’s not ‘the Apprentice’ where teams are “randomly” formed, only to ensure chaos ensues because type A personalities are clashing from the get-go.

I can’t tell you how ‘The Bachelor’ series is not similar to ‘Keeping with the Kardashians’ because that show is media pollution, plain and simple.

Home renovation shows are the greatest fraud of them all. Elapsed time, unrealistic budgets and who knows how many actual tradesmen and women working on site before the miraculous unveiling of a brand new dining room.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette is easy peasy for the writing team. They need to recruit 20 to 30 great looking people that are hell bent on falling in love with the same tenacity that their grandparents had.

You find an individual that is drop-dead gorgeous but has enough intelligence to carry a broad conversation with anyone from George Clooney to Daffy Duck, and that is where the hardships for the production team stops.

You just allow emotions and jealousy to take centre stage and make sure the cameras catch everything. These men and women ARE real. And although I didn’t initially believe so, I do now believe that their emotions ARE real. They are caught up in this majestic landscape where they get to be swooned and attempt to swoon this beautiful creature and finally, yes finally, their greatest fantasies are coming true.

They are in love and they desperately don’t want this joyride to end. They believe that the 15 minutes to sometimes a full day is theirs to capture and own, and yes, to love. So the cattiness begins. The resentment leaks through. They suddenly aren’t on the cherished one-on-one date and it is driving them bananas.

There is no show that amplifies the foundations of jealousy the way The Bachelor/Bachelorette series does. And because these feelings of love, betrayal and jealousy are as real as Donald Trump running for president in 2016, then it must be declared as the realest reality show on television.