By James Pavel

  • The greatest takeaway is what a severe injustice it is that this actually happened. The Chinese attacked a home based on peace and harmony and the Dali Lama STILL hasn’t been able to return home?! That is next-level evil.
  • I wish I had an Austrian background to determine if Brad Pitt had successfully nailed the accent or butchered it beyond repair.
  • Brad Pitt’s hairstyle in this movie is sooo 2017. Style is cyclical.
  • The idea of England ruling over India in today’s day and age just seems ridiculous.
  • The greatest twist of the film? Brad Pitt DIDN’T get the girl. Wow, did not see that coming. I thought the tailor was in the bag the minute he met her. Nope!
  • Is it really seven years? He was in prison in India for the first 2 years so should it not be ‘7 years abroad’? or ‘5 years in Tibet’?
  • Was Brad Pitt’s hiking partner able to keep his toes? Those puppies were looking awfully frozen at one point.