James Pavel

The act of manwhorism dates back to the beginning of time. Kings having more wives than fingers and proud soldiers inserting their member in anything with two feet and a heart beat has unfortunately been common routine for ages according to history books.

Back in the chauvinistic hay-day, men were under the assumption that they had the right to roll in the hay with whomever they chose, no questions asked. This behaviour was further glorified in the ‘90s with the ubiquity of the term “player.”

Banging broads for sport was a status symbol for males. Yet women who attempted to mimic the promiscuous behaviour of their male counterparts were almost always labelled sluts, tramps and yes, whores.

It could be argued that no one was guiltier of promoting this shameless sexual-body count than hip-hop music. Rappers proudly dancing with dozens of half-naked women and lyrics that contained the slogan “playa’ for life,” helped push the ideology full steam ahead.

This obvious sexism and hypocrisy has seemed to finally become not just obvious to women, but to the world at large over the past few years.

Any man operating under the egotistical belief that sexual partners are as interchangeable as characters in Mortal Kombat are no longer knighted with praise.

They have finally earned the right to be stamped with a disclaimer proclaiming that this one individual is prone to whoring their male genitalia at all hours of the day.

Yes, while many of these afore mentioned, sexually spoiled rappers really were bangin’ a hoochie every night, many also had children with a number of different women (see Eazy-E) founding the brilliant, English internal-rhyme gem, “baby-mama drama.”

The fantasy of having intercourse with a different Victoria’s Secret angel every time the sun sets is tough to resist for any heterosexual male, but just like everything else that seems too good to be true, this concept is no different.

Multiple sexual partners in a short span of time can equal complicated issues not just for the individual, but also for all parties involved.

Storks do not deliver newborn children and these mammals really do, in fact, enter the world through a woman’s vagina. This should immediately signal to a man that he should ponder aloud any potential repercussions before engaging in sexual behaviour with a complete stranger.

Yet, the biggest blow to the player turned man-whore legacy is the unfortunate prevalence of sexually transmitted infections. If you can’t remember the name of the woman you slept with, it is no longer just irresponsible, it is downright dangerous.

Being labeled a man-whore implies that one is untrustworthy, is dispassionate towards making sweet love and might be hosting a party of troublesome issues in not only his trousers but also his heart.

The term “whore” is now an all-encompassing one, assuring any female and now male willing to yank off their belt at the drop of a hat are in the same exclusive club.

Female whores now have some much-needed company as self-proclaimed “players” are now earning the discredit to their name that they have been living up to for years.

So to all those tired of hearing males tally up their sexual conquests like counting their shots after an 18-hole golf game, long live the term: man-whore.