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the killers

By James Pavel

5. Shot at the Night

Imperial 80’s magic blazes through the Nevada skies during this triumphant return to glory. It’s a song suitable for the soundtrack of 16 Candles or The Breakfast Club, only arriving 30 years too late. “Shot at the Night” states that The Killers are indeed conscious of what’s trending, demonstrated by the wise recruitment of French wizards, M83 for production value. It’s their most fierce single since the Sam’s Town masterpiece and delivers a sparkle of light to make one wonder if maybe the Killers haven’t completely exhausted their creative mojo.

4. Read my Mind

Besides, “The Stars are blazing like rebel diamonds cut out of the sun” being the most ridiculously awesome line ever, this is the song that every synth-obsessed band drools over constructing.  It’s the American dream condensed into one soothing spectacle seen through the red, white and blue pupils of the ΰbber-patriotic Brandon Flowers.  Music snobs hate to admit that this song engulfs the sky with the same colour of flame that any of Bruce Springsteen’s gems have managed to shower over audiences in the past. It’s as if Springsteen seduced Robert Smith and The Cure with cheap wine and a Las Vegas sunset, and nine months later, out came “Read my Mind.”

3. Mr. Brightside

Morrissey and U2, two of the Killers’ all-time heroes, have longed written as inconspicuously as possible in order to reach the broadest fan base possible. Brandon Flowers decided to do the exact opposite by shredding his personal diary of vulnerable entries and creating one of the defining pop/rock anthems of the 2000s, Mr. Brightside. Crowds erupt like the presence of a King the moment Dave Kneuning’s finger tips brush his electric guitar and gives passage to the world of sick lullabies and temporary persecution. Flowers is as dramatic as a drunken valley girl, but his conviction is real, and the success of this smash hit is his vindication.

2. When You Were Young

‘”When you were Young” made it official that The Killers would never just be remembered for one record. The song is a God-fearing, hurricane-chasing, tsunami of rock n’ roll all in the name of proving that they were not pseudo-Brits, but instead four Americans born and bred in the heart of the desert. The sonic energy of this rattle snake has enough soul surging through its core to transport an audience to the moon and back but they settle for a legacy-shifting moment. “The devil’s water it ain’t so sweet, you don’t have to drink right now,” is the ultimate “feels so good to be bad” lyric and for a brief pause, we really believe Brandon Flowers  is the only rock star that ever mattered.

1. All These Things That I’ve Done

It’s a song that transcends the band and is bigger than the group itself. If nobody remembers the Killers in 20 years, they will still remember this one. It’s profoundly deep for a pop song, as Brandon’s semi-sinister confessions are spoken aloud to the millions that allowed the Hot Fuss album to help define their mid-2000s experience. “I got Soul, but I’m not a Soldier,” is silly, ostentatious, confusing, and yet probably the most addictive and pulsating middle refrain written in pop-rock history.

By James Pavel

5. No One Else – Weezer

Lead singer Rivers Cuomo’s dating portfolio is one of a megalomaniac tsar but at least he knows what he wants. “I want a girl who laughs for no one else,” is only the beginning of his tyrannical wish list, and yet he must be commended for such outlandish ambition. “When I’m away she never leaves the house,” is a controlling boyfriend’s jail-cell fantasy, but still a concept that every sane member of a relationship could happily live with.

4. Hey Jealousy – Gin Blossoms

If only every dude who drank six cocktails too many could express their jealous rage the way the Gin Blossoms managed to do. “Hey Jealousy” is a poem acknowledging the wrench twisting and turning this gin flower’s fragile heart, but in typical fashion, jealousy never replies back. Nobody gives the silent treatment better than this poisonous yet overwhelmingly powerful emotion, and although Gin Blossoms call jealousy out over 15 times throughout this 90s rocker, unbeknownst to them, jealousy put the phone off the hook a long time ago.

3. Every Breath You Take – The Police

Yes, I am 100 per cent aware that this song is notorious for being authored through the eyes of a pseudo-stalker. But really, what is a stalker? Yes, they follow one around and conduct a pile of illegal and disruptive mayhem, but is the core of their behaviour not derived from jealousy? He is watching you because he can’t have you. “Can’t you see you belong to me?” They are the words of someone who is convinced that the apple of their eye has gone astray and it is their duty to bring clarity. Their views are diluted and their actions are unethical, and their heart is flooded with jealousy.

2. Jealous Guy – John Lennon

Never has jealousy been so delicate, yet Lennon manages to rock it back and forth as if it was a newborn child and not a monster inside of him. It’s the sober second thought after a night of raging insecurities and unfounded betrayal. Nobody ever wants to be labeled a jealous guy, yet rarely is one completely insusceptible to feeling pangs of anger when someone is smiling too much in the direction opposite of one’s tender eyes.

1. Mr. Brightside – The Killers

Whenever emotion is explained in explicit detail like never before, a song is bound to become recognized for generations. The Killers conveyed the hurricane of pain and fury that encompasses jealousy like no other author or poet could foster, and managed to do it with a grin on their faces. Where usually music is most successful when it is broad, “Mr. Brightside” is hauntingly specific. “I just can’t look, it’s killing me,” puts the listener in an exact time and place and transforms Brandon Flowers’ words into personal details of an unforgettable moment. Flowers’ begs to be released from the grasps of jealousy as he pleads “let me go.” He can’t have her, at least not anymore, and he knows why. Destiny is calling, and love will have to wait, and the notion that he will find love again is why he will always and forever be, Mr. Brightside.