By Séamus Smyth

The Frankenstein storm known as superstorm Sandy that has smashed the eastern United States to the point where millions are currently without power, hundreds of homes have been destroyed, and billions of dollars in damages have been incurred, is delivering a stern message to the world that global warming is as real as the air we breathe.

Not only is this storm a haunting combination of a blizzard, a cyclone and a massive flood merged into one natural menace, but it is an event that many meteorologists said they have never seen before and likely will never see again. It appears as a disturbance that would strictly exist within the pages of a Jerry Bruckheimer script, but is instead yet another “freak” natural disaster that is becoming less freaky and more normal in today’s imbalanced climate.

With these behemoth natural disasters occurring more frequently every year, who’s to say that this isn’t the beginning of a yearly intake of “super storms”? And who in their right mind would argue that we are financially or even structurally prepared for regular battles with Mother Nature’s future concoctions?

Our world leaders need to immediately heed to this warning. We are not in competition with nature. Nor are we capable of manipulating it. We are, and forever will be, at nature’s complete and utter mercy.

The fumes, the smoke, and the gases that humankind presently forces into the heavens has clearly and at this point, almost unquestionably, altered the weather patterns and global temperatures for the worse.

Of course the loss of human life is tragic. And yes, the damage to the thousands of buildings and homes is surely headline news. But what can’t be lost in the news feeds and 24/7 reporting is the story that remains in the eye of this monster of a storm: the effects of global warming have arrived.

What superstorm Sandy should signify to all who witnessed its carnage in person or on television is that global warming is a legitimate and frightening issue.

Our governments can no longer simply call it a “freak” storm or an irregular year for weather. Society can no longer ignore this “inconvenient truth,” as former US Vice-President Al Gore called it.

We have accomplished some truly remarkable feats as a species. But when it comes to holding our own against the forces of nature, we are as humbled and meek as a herd of cattle.

It’s now or never that governments across the world address global warming and begin taking immediate steps to hopefully alleviate some of the damage that has already been done to our global climate.